Andy Amaya




  • The Spoids have invaded the planetary spectrum. We have received distress calls from the surrounding planets in our galaxy. In this epic and unique defense game, travel from planet to planet and control the defense systems against an endless swarm of Spoids. Can you stop the Spoids?
  • A Tower Defense game where you defend against the relentless swarm of Spoids as you come to the aid of various galactic personnel.
  • Shipped on Xbox 360 Indie Arcade and PC (Desura) in 2012.
  • Indie game developed under co-owned studio: AirWave Games.

My Involvement

  • Assistant project manager and tools programmer.
  • Developed file i/o, network i/o, and file security.
  • Developed the Save/Load system for Xbox 360 and PC.
  • Developed level selection messaging system.
  • Assisted with enemy¬†animation programing.
  • Assisted with tower and bullet logic programming.
  • Managed game audio using XACT.
  • Recorded and edited voice actors.
  • Voice acted one of the characters.
  • Developed various PC installers.

Tools Developed

  • Level Editor
  • Data Editor
  • Message Text Editor
  • Sprite Sheet Tool
  • Sound Trigger Tool
  • Custom Quick Installer

Tools Images (click to expand)